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Have there been any changes to NESTEA® recently?

NESTEA® has completely reformulated the recipe for our flavors (Peach, Lemon, Lime Mint, Raspberry) with fewer ingredients and improved taste. NESTEA® also has introduced a new green tea unflavored for an authentic tea taste. The NESTEA® logo has been refreshed along with our new sleek bottles.

How is NESTEA® made?

At the foundation of all of our NESTEA® recipes are delicious tea leaves from the Nilgiri region of India, a region known for it’s high quality tea. Our Classic flavored range blends are made with only few ingredients, of which tea extract made from tea leaves sourced from a single region in India, to deliver on a great tasting and refreshing iced tea, natural flavors and sweetened with sugar plus stevia where needed.

What flavors does NESTEA® offer?

Our flavored range comes in Peach, Lemon, Lime Mint, Raspberry and Green Tea Unflavored. 

Where are the tea leaves sourced?

NESTEA® tea leaves are sourced exclusively from the Nilgiri region of India and the tea farms are privately owned by small or large growers.

What’s behind the frog seal?

Tea gardens that meet comprehensive standards for sustainability earn the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal.

These standards conserve biodiversity, protect soils, waterways and wildlife habitat and help ensure that farm workers receive decent housing, access to medical care and schools for their children.

What relationship does NESTEA® have with tea farmers?

NESTEA® works with historic partners of Nestlé India which has been operating in the area for 40 years. As the NESTEA® presence is new, we will look to further develop the relationships with the tea farm owners and workers.

How do you check that the tea farms are operated sustainably?

We are fully committed to responsibly sourcing tea and having our suppliers comply with our Responsible Sourcing Guideline (RSG), and from time to time, third party certifications, as may be appropriate (e.g. Sedex, Trustea, Rainforest).

How can I contact NESTEA® for feedback/comments/questions?

We would love to hear from you! Send us a message or call us through our Contact Us page.

What are the differences between Black Tea and Green Tea?

Black Tea and Green Tea originate from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis, but they are processed differently after harvest. Black Tea leaves are oxidized before they are dried, resulting in a stronger tea taste. Green Tea has a milder tea taste.

Where can I find NESTEA®?

NESTEA® is available at many retailers.

What is the shelf life of NESTEA®?

The shelf life of NESTEA® varies between 7 months and 9 months depending on the variety. Check the Best By date on your bottle for more information on each flavor.
The Best By date is the date located on the 2nd line of the date code and immediately follows BB.

Where can I find the nutrition information and ingredients for each product?

Nutrition information and ingredients for any product can be viewed by clicking the "Nutrition Information" link on that particular product's detail page. All product detail pages are located within the Products section of the website.

What is Stevia?

Stevia is a no-calorie sweetener that is derived from a plant – a shrub native to South America that is now cultivated around the world. The leaves of the stevia plant contain sweet components that are extracted, purified and used as a sugar substitute in many foods and beverages.

Why is Stevia added to NESTEA®?

NESTEA® utilizes a sugar/Stevia combination to reduce the amount of caloric sugar in the tea, while still delivering a sweet, satisfying flavor. Nestlé is focused on meeting consumer's expectations in health and wellness and pleasurable consumption. The leaves of the stevia plant contain sweet components that are extracted, purified and used as a sugar substitute in many foods and beverages.